We need your help

This is where we post different ideas and cases where we need your contribution. We hope that you embrace the idea of crowd sourcing making the ultimate product and that your idea contributes to make the world a better place with better products, dialogue and services. We need your help to inspire us  and co-create solutions for our clients.

Case of the month:

Vizeum is, among other agencies, asked by IKEA to create a social media platform idea, where everyone involved with the IKEA brand can contribute and inspire other readers / contributors.


The task:

How can IKEA use social media to generate a stronger relationship with internet and social media users? Primary target group is women.

The idea (example):

Create an inspiration platform for IKEA, where you can write about / post pictures of interior topics and share ideas, comments and inspiration to other users and IKEA staff.

How can you contribute:

We would really appreciate your contribution on these topics: (You can choose if you would like to inspire us on one or more topics – just tag it.)


  • Why and how would you use this platform to connect with others?
  • What role should the platform / service play in your life?
  • What kind of content / topics would you like?
  • How can IKEA and other users/contributors inspire you?
  • What functions / applications on the platform would you like?
  • What platform should we use?
  • What do you think is the most important success criteria for this platform?
  • Just inspire us with your ideas!
  • Other sites / services that you recommend.

SO what’s in it for you?

Credentials some minutes of fame and glory while others read and comment on your contribution, but most importantly, an even better IKEA.

Thank you for your contribution, seeding and thank you for keeping crowd sourcing alive.


12 responses to “We need your help

  1. i’d like to know what inspires the designers. i’d like to know more about their backgrounds, why they design things the way they do. what’s the narrative behind the pieces they build.

    • christianfure

      Hi Ben – Welcome and thank you for your contribution. Great input. Let’s see if other contributors agree with you. I think it’s a great angel for IKEA.

  2. Interesting. Here’s my contribution.

    Target audience: women

    One approach for IKEA might be to create an application that combines two popular services; SIMS and Facebook.

    In SIMS, women get to create virtual worlds where they control everything. Women(both old and young) can spend hours designing beautiful homes. This interaction could be very useful to IKEA. It would strengthen women’s connection to the brand and it can be a great way to test out new names and products.

    If you combine the interactive part of SIMS with the social part of Facebook, I think you have a killer idea for IKEA. Women love to chat and share things with their friend.

    Take a look at Farmville:

    If IKEA creates a simple facebook game that involves furnishing a house and getting friends to say their opinion, I think you’re onto something.

    Don’t know if this already exists….

    • Hi KP. Thanks for your ideas. I think IKEA has entered the world of SIMS before. What else do you think women will share? Tips, pictures, video. Anything else?

  3. Check out http://tongal.com
    we can work together. We have the platform/app to crowdsource all kinds of content for Ikea in a fun, interactive/gaming environment. They should use social media to create instructional video around their products. They can engage people, populate a library of content reduce returns and calls and save money all at the same time. email me if you want to talk james@tongal.com

  4. an idea would be NOT tos end IKEA bloggers (who do creative stuff with IKEA furniture) cease & desist letters as was done in the past. use the IKEA fans out there and just creates aplatform that aggregates their creaivity via RSS.

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  6. some thoughts..

    it’s a good thing if customers can feel that you love the business your in. that is, not just your share of the business, but the whole general area. i think ikea customers needs to come away with a feeling that ikea really loves interior design, and not just their own products.

    therefore, any solution would have to be tailored to fit any interior design materia fram whatever the brand. sure, if you post a picture of your newly designed bedroom and there happens to be a ikea product in there, it should be linked to any site

    – what if you could tag pictures of your home á la facebook-style but instead of names use links so that people can click through. ikea’s links could have a special color, or a slight rebate/affilate thingie, or maybe a “most clickthroughs per week get a prize” thingie.

    – think about fashion blogs. enable people to do the same, but for interior design. provide them with digital resources and materials via a interior design blog portal. use portal to count clicks as mentioned above (or something like that). DONT create a blog-hosting-service, but use the portal for aggregating the and highlighting the blogs.

    – if i tag any media i put up on the internet “ikea” (blog, youtube, flickr, etc) an ikea portal should be able to find it and promote it automatically.

    • Thanks for input Jonas. In Norway we have some interior design blog portal already, but not organized. Good thought.

  7. “it should be linked to any site” should be “it should be linked to any worldwide ikea site”

  8. see polyvore.com. it does for fashion / apparel what you are proposing for ikea. rather than building something new, utilize and partner with existing platforms (like polyvore) and communities (ikeafans, ikea hack sites) to spread the message organically.

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